Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Speak for the Tree

Someone there is that doesn’t love a tree,
Who cuts the top off in the dead of night,
Taken for a Christmas celebration
More bitter for the stolen plunder.
It stood adorned for children’s pleasure.
Discarded then at winter’s end.

The tree survived and grew again
Perhaps some kind friend trimmed it back.
Now straight it grows once more.
A larger trunk the only sign
That once it stood abused and awkward
Victim to the cruelty of one.

Now once again it’s fate is threatened
Others say it has no value now.
Let’s cut it down again
This time to save the children.
It’s shade will be denied in summer
It’s green in winter gone for good.

Good trees do make good neighbors
They welcome walkers birds and dogs
Cool the asphalt and the buildings
Welcome strangers to our city
Soften sidewalks with their blossoms
And improve the air we breathe.

There are other lots for gardens,
Space for pumpkins, squash and thyme,
Ripe tomatoes, lettuce, spinach,
All will grow and feed the hungry
Teach the young where food is grown.
Gardens make good neighbors too.

Sarah Sterling

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